March 27, 2009

Magnolia Tree

Conceptual art by Sebastián Errázuriz, a Chilean artist raised in London.

I love the way he juxtaposes everyday objects in a way that creates an uncomplicated yet special piece of art. A yellow smiley face adapted from the popular LEGO man adorns a sleek motorcycle helmet, almost as if presented in a completely serious product advertisement. The plastic eyes on the teddy bear jacket may be a bit creepy, but the idea is lighthearted, fun, and surely unique.

Errazuriz has also undertaken urban art projects that carry more meaningful themes, ones with ethical and political significance:

A cow was saved from a slaughterhouse and now lives atop a 10-story building in Chile.

A magnolia tree symbolic of peace was planted in the center of Chile's National Stadium, the place where dictator Augusto Pinochet tortured prisoners a few decades ago. The field was opened temporarily as a park, and "a cathartic soccer match was played before 15,000 people, with the tree in the middle as the closure of the piece."

I'm currently scrambling to find matching socks, packing my toothbrush, and stuffing my suitcase in preparation for a trip to Lake Tahoe, for which I am already an hour late. If I manage to get internet connection at the hotel, I'll be making some hasty posts between skiing and dining. If not, well, I'll return in four days.

Enjoy your SPRING BREAK!!

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  1. that was some genius move to plant a friggen tree in the middle of a soccer stadium in mexico >.>